Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogging - For U or Me?

A rude-somebody told me the other day, 'you write and blog not for yourself, but to show off'. Though I instantly sparked back at that rude-somebody, later I sat back and pondered over the statement. Is blogging only about showing-off

I consider myself. I am not one of those who religiously make blog entries every day, neither do I pour out my heart on my blog on how my boyfriend fought with me, or how low I feel today or how excited I am after getting licked all over by my pet poodle. Honestly, I suffer from constant writer's block. On rare occasions the block clears and a single article results. 35 posts in 3 years... that pretty much speaks out for itself! In those few situations where I feel like writing, I come up with some stupid post like this one. 

Yes, I could have written down in my journal, I could have have chosen to put it down on pen and paper. Or if my laziness kept me from fetching the pen and paper, I could have simply typed and saved on my personal computer. Then why Blog? Why publish? Why Public? All because I love showing off. Yes, I accept. I partially agree with that rude-somebody's rude statement. But I feel its nothing bad. Being able to express yourself through words is a talent, and when you have it, you should not let that go unnoticed, uncultured. That's my take! And If you have it, just flaunt it!

On a serious note, I blog when I like. And I blog for myself. I blog not because I want to show off, not because I want to flaunt, but because a little word of appreciation from the fellow readers never harm! It is the encouragement which gives birth to the next useless post from me!

P.S - Thank You, rude-somebody! Had you not made that statement, this post would never have been flaunted!

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  1. Wrote on similar lines !