Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Single Concern

Its alarming when you look around to find the number of nice, decent guys falling sharply. Of the few that we manage to spot in rare occasions, a handsome chunk seem to be taken (yes, unfortunately!) and the rest are ineligible for the post. It seems by the time I finally decide to settle down the good-looking, decent crowd few will either be married, committed or extinct. 

I work in a office with 2000 employees where more than sixty percent of the population is of the opposite sex. Yet not one, and yes, I stress and underline ONE, is worth ogling at. This is a definite reason for my gradual fall of productivity on work front. 

I know a handful of single guys whom I have befriended or acquainted with, but they are either the I-love-my-career-hence-no-time-for-girls kind or they are in the how-can-girls-be-so-cruel-to-dump-me mode! Gosh! This does make me jittery! The good looking men whom I rarely come across are either too old or too young. As if God was out of material while making men in the early eighties :(

Is it too early, or should I start behaving hysterical about the thought of dying single?


  1. :D ... How strange my guy friends have same complaint about PYTs ... either taken or age mismatch :) ... guess there's a 'gap' somewhere :D :D ....
    Don't worry, I am pretty sure you'll find your 'prince charming' soon :D

    1. LOL... eternal problem, isn't it? :D
      and thanks for your wishes ;)

  2. He he.. I thought this only was only for guys!

  3. You couldn't have put it better :D