Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Story of a Cinder Girl

The Ball was on, what a lovely sight,
She glimmered like the Star of the Night.

Silver gown with silver shoes,
Her golden hair was let down loose.

Diamond pendant, silver brooch,
Softly she alighted from the coach.

Heads turned round as she made her way,
Her beauty took all breath away.

The Ugly Sisters stood aghast,
As the Prince took her hand so fast.

The couple took the centre-stage,
The Ugly Sisters fumed in rage!

While they danced, he held her close,
He kissed her eyes and kissed her nose.

'Who are you, my beautiful one?'
'You are the prettiest beneath the sun.'

'Let us become man and wife,'
'I promise you a wonderful life.'

The Prince was caught in her daze,
Deep in her eyes did he gaze.

The flame of love had been lit,
She smiled at heart at the thought of it.

She hugged the Prince nice and tight,
And the hour changed to mid-night.

She let Him go in sudden fright,
Hastily the stairs did she alight.

After her, the Prince did dart,
She was gone, with coach and cart.

A silver shoe had fallen off,
Finding her now wont be tough.

The Prince could see a ray of hope,
Hence no need of dope or rope!

The feet in which the slipper slide,
Would be the Prince's dear little bride.

Next morning the Prince did go,
From door to door of friend and foe.

Maidens flocked and the shoe they tried,
They all wished to be the Prince's bride.

No feet did fit the dainty shoe,
Most were big, small were few.

As the dusk set in over the little town,
The Prince reached a house colored brown.

A tired Prince knocked at the door,
Two Ugly Sisters stood before.

Sister One tried slipping in,
Her foot was far too small and thin.

Along came then Sister Two,
Still no luck with the shoe.

'Anyone else?', the Prince asked in tired tone,
'NO!' shouted the Ugly Sisters in unison.

The Cinder Girl all this while,
Was seeing her Prince with a big broad smile.

She had been mopping all the floor,
When the Prince had knocked at the door.

Behind the door did she hide,
Though she knew she was the bride.

Suddenly the Prince saw her golden hair,
From behind the door, flying in the air!

'Someone's there, get her here',
The shoe, even she needs to wear.'

'She's a maid', screamed the Ugly Sisters,
Their face got covered with instant blisters!

The Cinder Girl came to try the shoe,
On her, every eye was glue.

She slipped in her dainty foot,
In glee the Prince did hoot!

There she was the Cinder Girl,
Her foot in the slipper, like a pearl.

The Prince was happy, jumped with joy,
'I found my bride, it's time to enjoy!'

The Ugly Sisters burnt in rage,
They were evil, they were no sage.

A spark of light blazed the night,
Fairy God-Mother appeared in sight.

A swish of wand here and there,
And Cinder Girl was in bridal wear!

Silver gown with silver shoes,
Her golden hair was let down loose.

With another swish of magic wand,
A carriage came from far beyond.

With horses attached six to eight,
It would take them to Royal Gate.

The Cinder Girl thanked the fairy,
And started on her way to marry.

With flowers, songs, food and wine,
The wedding went off just too fine.

There they were, Man and Wife,
The oath was taken for their life.

The Cinder Girl was now the queen
Which had always been her dream.

The kingdom filled with happiness and laughter,
And they lived happily ever after!

P.S - The image used has been taken from the internet. I do NOT own the copy-writes for the image.


  1. Good flow and rhyme in each couplet and the story brought to life again in verse. Sweet!

  2. Loved your version of the fairy tale ... very nice ....look forward to writing more such....

  3. wow, classy tale, rhymed classically. exquisite talent.

  4. Fantastic! You've captured the whole story in one exquisite rhyme! Loved it :)