Monday, July 15, 2013

Lootera - a Review


Cast: Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Barun Chanda, Vikrant Massey, Arif Zakaria, Adil Hussain, Divya Dutta
Director: Vikramaditya Motwane
Music Director : Amit Trivedi 
Released : 5th July 2013

My Rating : **** 

The experience of watching Lootera is like having continuous changing frames of beautiful paintings move across your eyes. With Vikramaditya Motwane's strong direction and Mahendra Shetty's poetic cinematography, this movie overcomes all its glitches and turns out to be a treat to the eyes and mind. Based on O'Henry's short story, The Last Leaf, Lootera is director Motwane's second venture after a very successful Udaan. 

The Plot

The story of Lootera is set in the 1950s Bengal. A sublime love develops between Pakhi, the zamindar's daughter and Varun, an archeologist who had arrived in Manikpur in quest of ancient civilization. Pakhi and Varun's love blossomed subtly, with Pakhi being the more expressive and verbal one, and Varun, the restrained and silent lover.The reason for Varun's silence was understood later, when he disappears on the morning of his engagement with Pakhi. The story here takes an exigent turn when Pakhi and the zamindar discover they have been conned by Varun.

The later half of the movie is set in the snowy mountains of Dalhousie. There has been a passage of time, and Pakhi is now no more a chirpy bubbly young lady, but a matured individual and a writer. By providence divine, Pakhi and Varun meet again, and the incomplete love they had left behind years ago sees completion.

The Performance :

Lootera saw two very strong actors make their way through the movie. Ranveer Singh is a lot more than a wedding planner or a ladies' man and Sonakshi is definitely a lot more than a Dabangg girl. Sonakshi looked stunning with her kohl rimmed eyes and resembled the actresses from the 1960s. Ranveer with his back-brushed slick hair and the innocent charm is someone whom one should watch out for. They complemented each other with looks, performance and on screen chemistry. 

The Tailpiece :

The movie is a delight to watch. The songs are well blended with the scenes and do not stand out like a canker. The background music is mesmerizing, creating an aura of beauty. A movie of drama, thrill, emotions, love, betrayal and hatred, this is a highly recommended watch for all. 


  1. nice review.. I am also looking forward to Bhag Milkha Bhag..

  2. Crisp review.

    I am yet to watch this movie.

  3. nice review.. and i am watching Milkha tomm.. and lootera is on the list too :)

  4. nice review and I did like the songs.. :)

  5. Nice review. I can't get that song, Sawar Loon, out of my head.

  6. nice review....have to catch up with this one and BMB after my son's exams...

  7. I think I am the last one to know that the movie is based on The Last Leaf... sad :(
    But, very crisp review... I hope to get watch it

  8. Have heard/read such fab reviews for this movie. Hope we check it out soon :)

  9. I am looking forward to check this out..Enough mysteries put in by you already.. Y do ladies fall in love again for con men?I should wach it before I jump to conclusions.. Thanks Apala..Usually I am not a fan of slow paced movies, but now I am curious, thanks to you..SO , CHeers and do more reviews :D

  10. I can't help but totally agree with you. It is a marvellous movie with some stellar performances.