Tuesday, July 6, 2010

turn to the last page...

Do you have any notebook with the last page untouched... not even a single pen mark? I'm not talking about a brand new notebook.. Its the notebook we carry to class to take down "notes". Or the so-called notes! If you have, you are categorized as the "studious" or "nerd. :)

The last page is generally the witness of a boring lecture or a broken heart. It serves as an artist's palate, a blogger's rough sheet, a poet's scribbling pad or a cartoonist's canvas. Starting from chit-chat between two neighbours in a class room, to fashionable designs of outfits... bitching about boyfriends (in case of girls)... commenting on the hotness of girls (in case of guys).... all can be found in that one last page. Testing of pens to check if it contains ink, is also done in this page.

Last page of the notebook is actually what makes the notebook interesting! Whenever I borrow a notebook from my friend, I make sure I turn to the last page. Hoping to find out who her secret crush is!! And when I lend mine to someone, I make sure I scratch out all my secret talks or scribbles and mutilate them in a fashion which is absolutely impossible to decipher!

I leave you with the last page of my Sister's notebook...


  1. dont even think abt seeing my notebook's last page.....

  2. The Trig is okay, as is the comic art.... but TOMA WANTS TO BE A ROCKSTAR?????

  3. I love the top panel :P
    and i love your blog!

  4. Thanks ria...!!! U were always my inspiration when it cmes to bloggin!

  5. lol.. love toma's random stuff.. :)
    she sketches so well :) like you :)

    BTW, she dint kill you for publishing her "dark secrets" ?

  6. hehe!! no she didnt! i guess she's kinda proud that her last pg got sm publicity!! :D