Sunday, September 25, 2016

Incomplete Love

You were like an angel when we did meet,
You swept me away off my feet.
You held me close and hugged me tight,
And planted on my cheek a kiss so light!

You came to my ear and whispered to me,
Never in this life will I ever leave thee.
Our love, you said, was so gentle and pure,
Forever and always all darkness it shall endure.

'You are my princess', you always said,
I smiled with pride, your eyes I read
The eyes that sparkled like the stars above,
The eyes that spoke of nothing but Love.

Our love swelled like a raging sea,
Until you said, 'I'll be back,wait for me'.
The wait lasted for nights and day,
Before I realized you had gone away.

Years have passed, such lonely years,
I still think of you, still feel u near.
These were yesterdays that I still adore,
These are memories with You no more.


  1. While your tag says heartbreak, I can't help but imagine this from the point of view of a martyr's daughter, Apple. It's very moving.

  2. Maybe it was the brilliance of the writing or maybe it was because I was looking for an alternate perspective, even now I read this as a lament from a bereaved daughter. Cleverly worded. :D