Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hakuna Matata

With so many challenges doing the rounds over social media these days, the quotes challenge had caught my fancy. When I saw a blogger friend taking this up, I decided to give it a shot too. The rules are pretty straightforward - 
  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Post one to three quotes each day
  • Challenge three buddies each day to face the challenge.
I shall stick to rules 1 and 2, and skip tagging fellow bloggers. 

Day 1, Quote 1

Disney movies are multifaceted. A child enjoys the beautiful narratives and animation, while an adult delves deeper and receives a different perspective. One such movie is the Lion King, which first introduced me to this lovely phrase, Hakuna Matata. The phrase traces back its origin from Swahili, which loosely means 'no worries'. 

When Simba was sad, his friends sung to him, Hakuna Matata-it means no worries for the rest of your days!

A problem-free life is a utopia. In the troughs of life, if we adopt the motto of Hakuna Matata, where in we try to convince ourselves, that this is the worst situation that we can ever be in, and happiness is the only thing what lies ahead, I believe we can climb the crest quite smoothly.

As a kid, I used to shout out Hakuna Matata, each time my mother used to be unhappy about me doing something unpleasant. Not because I knew what it meant, but because I knew Simba had learnt to worry less by following this simple motto.

Disney movies, I believe are great teachers. You rediscover characters and dialogues as you grow older. I would want to believe and stick to the motto - Hakuna Matata - as long as I can!

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