Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Looking Back

I widened my eyes, feigning anger.

"Mo, enough of your antics. Empty that milk glass now."

The unhappy kid surrendered, drank the milk at one go, and banged the glass down.

Just as I was about to chide him for that, he flashed a impish, toothy smile!

"Ma, see, I have a moustache like Baba"! He squealed out of joy.

Had I looked back, I would have seen a tiny me, flaunting my milky moustache to my Ma, decades ago. But now, there was no looking back. There he was, a part of me, growing up in front of me.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, CS!! Nostalgia captured in fiction, though! :)

  2. Looking forward, is what your post shows to me. And yes, looking forward to more writing by you. Glad I chanced upon this blog. :)

    1. Am so glad you dropped in! Life is all about looking forward, and reliving the days left behind, ain't it? :)

  3. Very warm. Simple but effective....very good Apala

  4. Hmmm....very marketable with the target audience also being a good choice.

  5. Aww! Lovely post. I could so relate to the "milk episode", getting milk down their throats is any mom's nightmare!

  6. aw :D that is sweet ....

    BTW, long time! How've u been

  7. Nostalgia beautifully fitted in fiction. Btw, I hated milk as a child and still hate it..lolz

  8. Onnek din por...Good comeback :) Besh bhalo hoyeche...Nice !!