Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living the Lieb... Once Again!

First, a hearty congratulation to my lovely blogger friends Leo and Karan for receiving the Liebster Award, and heartfelt gratitude to both of them for nominating me for the same. 

Thanks a bunch, guys!!

The rules of the award are:
  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions set by the nominator
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
  • Set 11 questions for them.
  • Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.

Know me in 11 lines!
  1. I love to cook, eat and feed. Sometimes conventional, mostly experimental.
  2. I love traveling places. I wish life was a holiday and someday I end up with a job that requires me to go around the world.
  3.  Popping bubble wrap is something that gives me immense joy.
  4. I am an introvert; audience or a gathering of unknown people makes me jittery. 
  5. I do not have any of my wisdom teeth yet!
  6. Sarcasm comes naturally to me at times, which often makes me jump into people's dislike list.
  7. I am very particular about accessories. I try to co-ordinate them each day with my attire.
  8. If I like a song, I listen to it over and over again till I can't stand it any longer.
  9. I dislike staying apart from close ones.
  10. I fail to decide whether the hills are more beautiful or the sea.
  11. I am capable of writing only 10 random facts about myself.

Answers to Leo's questions
One place abroad you’d love to visit, and why? I would love to visit Paris - a city with a perfect amalgamation of love, people, food, culture and history.

Your favorite fiction novel, and why? Five People You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom. It is an enthralling piece of literature where every page is a revelation, every chapter is uncertain. I loved the way it keeps the reader inquisitive till the absolute end.

One thing you’d love to change in your personality and why? I am short-tempered - I flare up at the slightest reason, but cool down equally fast. Given a chance, I would like to learn how to be more composed and in control of my nerves!

Which would you prefer to play, indoor games or outdoor? Indoor. Being the lazy kind, I would prefer a relaxed game of cards or Uno or Game of Life or anything laid back.

Who’d you say is your role model, and why? Honestly, I have never consciously idolized anybody to the extent that my life would become a shadow of his/her life. But yes, I do respect my parents and their teachings have made me what I am today.

One thing you wish people would stop pestering you about? People asking me when I am planning to get married!!

One dream of yours which has already come true? The dream of being the apple of somebody's eye!

A rose in a bouquet or in the garden? Definitely a rose in a garden. 

A name you like the most (other than your own)? Male - Arhaan, Female - Eshaana

If you were to rename my blog, what would you name it as and why? I would not have changed it. Your blog is one those blogs with a almost perfect name.

One honest opinion about my blog? A gem in the blogosphere!

Answers to Karan's questions

What made you start your blog? My blog has two starts. Once in the absolute beginning, and I do not remember the reason, maybe because blogging was the "in" thing then! Then after a long hiatus, I started back in 2012 when someone told me I can't write. The comeback was more due to aggression towards that one person.

Do you encourage others to start blogging? Of course yes! 

How many incomplete blogs have you written that you somehow could not complete? Why so? I guess you are indicating unpublished/incomplete blog posts. Yes, I have 47 posts in drafts at this point. They are either not worth posting, or majorly incomplete. Just ransom jotting down of thoughts which you cannot call posts.

Do you have any childhood dream you want to accomplish? If yes, what is it? It has been my dream to travel places. Small lesser known places as well as big cities of the world. Someday I want to have a life that involves only travel.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Oh! it is too embarrassing to be disclosed over a public forum! 

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? I would definitely like to be Detective P.C Mitter aka Feluda created by Satyajit Ray. 

The best compliment you have got till date? That I am true to all the relationships that I am tied to.

Craziest thing you did? Ummm... nothing really that you can call crazy! I am the normal plain Jane kind!

Which possession of yours you can't tolerate to be touched by others? I won't say I can't tolerate, but I definitely dislike people fidgeting with my cell phone.

Define yourself in 4 words. emotional, creative, shy, dreamer

What does this award mean to you? Definitely a reason to smile :)

....and the award goes to...

The Solitary Writer

My 11 questions

  1. If you could go on a date with anyone on this earth, who would it be? Why?
  2. Finish the two statements - Girls are _______. Boys are _________.
  3. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Why?
  4. Are you happy with the person you have become or would you like to change something given a chance?
  5. Do you believe in luck or hard work?
  6. Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?
  7. Rank in order or priority in your life - love, money, honesty, self-respect
  8. An easy tip to win your heart.
  9. Your idea of a perfect day.
  10. If one morning you wake up to find you are not allowed to blog anymore, how would you feel/react?
  11. Any suggestion for my blog.

Good luck all :)


  1. Congrats Apala! And thanks for considering me worth the honor!

  2. Token of appreciation accepted! Thanks a lot for the award:)

  3. I thank you, Apala for bringing this blog to my attention and for passing on the priceless gift to me. I am honored!:)

  4. many congratulations and good to see honest answers :))

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  6. ..awe.. congratulations !!!!.
    the answers you gave made me know you a little more better :)
    thanks a lot Apala :D ..that's really sweet and generous of you.
    this award is my second too :D

  7. Hearty Congrats Apala and thanks a lot for nominating me :D

  8. Congratulations Apala and thanks a lot!!!