Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paper Boat Journey

Crossing seven seas
All in my paper boat - 
What my heart desires.

This post has been linked with Haiku Heights and today's prompt is "PAPER BOAT"


  1. I love this beautiful journey. A lot of memories attached to this verse, for me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My son brought a paper boat back from his KG just yday :) Lovely Apala!

  3. Well here's wishing your desires come true :)


  4. Very nostalgic! And well written too! I love it!

  5. What a wonderful journey that will be. Awesome haiku.

  6. Firstly I love the title of your blog, its cute. And secondly this petite haiku has a story to tell I feel! Its nice!

  7. aloha Apala - i'm delighted that you joined in on the 30 Days of Haiga. you have some great ideas/moments within your haiku.

    each haiku writer of course has their own view on what makes a good haiku. it's an interesting thing to explore and i encourage you to do this (Ah-Ha Poetry is a good place to start if you want a suggestion). our haiku develops over time and i can see you enjoy exploring yours. very cool on that.

    haiga is placing the haiku within the image. i see that you do not do this so it may be that you are unable to do this(?). that's cool if that is the case. if you can place your haiku within the image i encourage you to do so - that is what haiga is about (one of the things). it's a different kind of challenge of course to do so because then the haiku has to become part of the visual balance along with everything else in the image.

    i hope you dont mind me saying these things here. i'm glad you linked your work up and i hope you do often. i think some of your haiku and the images you have chosen would work great as haiga - including this one that you've linked up here. cool on that.

    haiku/haiga - and i like 55 word short stories too - on. aloha.