Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know you are from SMIT when..... (Part II)

This is a follow up post to this one. Another list for you to check if you are a true SMITian...

10. At least once you have visited the banks of Teesta which are 'out of bounds for SMITians'.

9. If every Thursday lunch for 4 straight years made you loathed Chole Bhature.

8. Non-IT students were jealous of the number of free classes the IT students got... and hence the term 'diploma course' took birth. And needless to say, we IT folks, never cared at the 'grapes-are-sour' attitude!!!

7. Giving/receiving birthday treats started with Anand in Singtam and ended with Tangerine in Gangtok.

6. Girls have been locked outside Girls' Hostel at least once after 8PM (if not, you are not a true SMITian)

5. Grand Viva always sounded scary till the time you realized it was over.

4. You borrowed workshop dress and chemistry lab coat from your friend in physics cycle and let them borrow your ED materials.

3. At least 2 of your friends from 'group' you hang out with, have found the love of their life in SMIT.

2. Those 2 of the above friends found the love of their life AGAIN in SMIT.

1. You enrolled as a volunteer/coordinator in at least one of the committees during Kaalrav and enjoyed the free food coupons.

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  1. IT is no more DIPLOMA course....EE is now DIPLOMA....four days in a week, we get 2nd half off.