Friday, December 10, 2010

That day when......

A day when my destiny was being shaped, some others' destiny was drawing a blazing full stop in their tender lives. It was a day of my job interview, a day that was about to decide my future; it was also a day when the future of many ceased to exist.

I am talking about That day when  Stephen Court was turned into a tinder-box. That corner of Park Street has been my favourite for many reasons. Some being Flurys, Peter Cat, CCD.... So many times we have crossed that building, indifferent to  its existence.  It seemed that the century old building decided to make its presence felt that day. And sure it did succeed!

Flames, smokes, sirens of the ambulance, the wailing of the fire engines, the sky-lifts, people rushing, TV, media.... I was trapped amongst them all... I am not a strong person. The slightest essence of death makes me feel weak. And that day, it was all around me.  As long as I was there, I didn't realize the magnanimity of the situation. I could realize it was BAD, but exactly how bad, I could only understand seeing the next day's headlines.

It was like a nightmare to witness that  situation. And even today, after so many months, I spend sleepless hours at night, shuddering with fear at the slightest thought of  it. It seems as if it has been etched in my memory with an indelible ink. And I so hate it.


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