Monday, July 5, 2010

Merci Beaucoup

After pondering over it for quite a while, I finally decide that in my first blog entry I would like to thank certain people,who are all special in their own small way.

The person who gave me the idea of starting a blog to kill my time indeed needs to be thanked absolutely at the beginning. He's my cousin. The first cousin who made me realize the importance and existence of bhaiphonta... that cousin whom I've seen grow from a baby in diapers to a young gentleman now... that cousin who is a techie guy... the cousin who was named Boudhayan by his Mum and Dad... but the cousin whom I call Bua.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.  ~Marion C. Garretty
Yes, you got that correct... its time to thank one of the important person in my life. My little Sis, Toma. I think of the day years ago when she saw the light of this world... I was a kid of exactly 5 years and 7 months and 23 days.....!! She brought along with her a new kind of excitement in my young and tender life. It was an experience which was never experienced before.... I remember the first time I saw her... like a cherub,she was asleep in her cot, holding on to the rod as if she was afraid of falling off...!!!
And today this little baby girl has turned into a beautiful young lady of 17...!! All my admiration for this strong-headed girl, in spite of all the rough times we have had throughout our childhood...(and still have)!!! the fights, the tears, the smiles, the pranks.... everything holds a special place in my heart....a special note of gratitude to the "sister of my heart".

Ahana.... the friend I have been having since the days of Sahaj Paath and Barnaporichoy. We've been in and out of touch quite a number of times (usually when we got seperated by the virtue of being in different sections!!) yet, our friendship emerged as a successful one. Analysing our friendship at the present times, I can confidently say that I have been blessed with a sister whom God forgot to give me! This crazy yet sweet little girl has been there with me through my ups and downs. I've shared my deepest secrets with her, I have found solace in her words when I was down and needed a loving hand to hold.  My best friend...for now and always... Thank You.

The person who is a crackpot, crazy, loud, talkative yet gentle, practical and the best when it comes to heal your wounds, is none other than Debduti. We have been friends for the past 9-10 years and its has been a relation of fights, sulks, i-wont-talk-to-you-ever days, hugs, tears.... There is no topic under the sun which I cant share with this girl. Thanks DB and cheers to our friendship!

Many are blessed with such a friend whose mere existence adds a splash of extra color in one's life. Sayantan is that friend to me. At a time when I was venturing into a completely new world, stepping out through the gates of school, walking into the unprotected world, I befriended him. And he has been my confidante, my guide, my support ever since. I have found him whenever I needed a friend, he has seen me at my best and tackled me at my worst...!! One thing I know for sure, that in life's pathway, destiny might design separate paths for us, but I will find him by my side whenever I need him. THANK YOU Sayantan, for loving me as your friend and tolerating me whenever I behave as a rude,arrogant monster!! :D

At the end of the post, I thank the two most important people for whom my existence is a reality. Thanks Ma, thanks Baba.

Some people whose presence has made a significant difference to my life....

Thanks Ujjwal for being the best brother.
Thanks Arya for making me realize how to "fall in crush"....!!!
Thanks Jeet for cheering me up each time I'm blue.


  1. Awesome apala .. n thnx a lot for being the best sis! love you!

  2. I believe you said that your quality of writing was worthless. You are the first female I have yet seen who writes properly formatted paragraphs in a Blog. Besides, your posts are great! Keep it coming!