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Book Review : The Bestseller She Wrote

Ravi Subramanian is a well known name in India's literary circuit. With bestsellers like If God was a Banker and The Bankster accredited to his name, this book had started creating ripples even before it was released. So I was quite excited when I receive a signed copy for review. 

Cover : The cover design isn't amazing, neither is it depressing. But one thing which immediately put me off as soon as i laid my hands on this book, is one single line on the cover - "Soon to be a motion picture". Is this kind of mention really needed on a book which promises good content? Or is this a publicity gimmick to increase the book sales? I sincerely hoped the book would not turn out to be what I feared - an editted version of a movie script.

Storyline : The plot revolves around forty year old Aditya Kapoor and Shreya Bhagat, a young management graduate.

Aditya's life is one which anyone would dream for - a successful banker, a bestselling author, a perfect family with a loving wife Maya and a young son Aryan, a long term friend Sanjay. But this perfect life suddenly loses momentum when Aditya meets young and beautiful Shreya at a seminar at IIMB and falls for her. Quite predictably, Aditya's compny visit's Shreya's institute for campus placements, hires Shreya, and no points for guessing, puts her into Aditya's team. These chain of incidences help cement the extra-marital affair.

Though Shreya claimed all along that her love for Aditya is genuine, it was evident that her ultimate intention was to use Aditya's popular image in the literary world and create a niche for herself as a bestselling author.

The story is a breezy read. I was quite enjoying the fast pace of events, until where Maya was infected with Ebola. And that's when Aditya started suffering from pangs of conscience that plagued him. He enters the quarantined area, sits beside an unconscious and critical Maya, and thus starts a two page soliloquy confessing his guilt. At this point I lost connect with the entire plot. Why on earth Ebola? This is the precise juncture in the book, in my opinion where, the story turned into a script. I so wish it had not.

The climax was building up well, with unexpected chain of events leading to a culprit the reader could have never thought of. In spite of the well built conclusive chapters, the end was too dramatic, almost like a motion picture. Confrontations happening in a closed room with all the people present, Aditya's wife stuck on the road and running through the streets of the city to reach the destination on time...was nothing but unnecessary drama. In my opinon, the climax could have been better writen sans the movie-like drama.

This book is definitely a fast, one-time read. This maybe a recommendation for budding  author to get a glimpse of the way the literary world functions.

About the Author : Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. For Ravi, The Bestseller She Wrote,  marks the beginning of a new chapter in his writing. A significant departure from his usual fare, this is Ravi’s first book on romantic intrigue.

He is the award winning author of seven bestselling books.  He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini, and daughter, Anusha.&nbsp

To connect with him, log on to Facebook at or tweet to @subramanianravi.

Number of Pages392 Pages
Publication Year2015 October
RATING : 3/5

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