Monday, July 5, 2010

You know you are from SMIT when....

10.  Your friends, relatives or acquaintances have atleast once thought you were doing a distance education course from Sikkim Manipal.

9. You've cursed the placed "n" number of times (with "n" tending to infinity) yet felt bad the day you walked out of this place.

8. You hate Vishnu and Gurukripa for robbing you innumerable times in these four years.

7. By closing your eyes you can distinguish between the parathas of Bawa, Aunty, Om, Jaggu.

6. You have tasted the girls' hostel famous Birthday cake atleast once.

5. Baker's Cafe and Roll House will be etched in your mind forever.

4. You know the significance of the nomenclatures of PMC and Mall Road...!!

3. You have got at least one Zero in any quiz or sessionals in the 4 years (if not, you are not a true Smitian!!!)

2. You have mass-bunked at least once in the 4 years (if you have not, you are not a true Smitian either!!!)

1. You are familiar with the names Counterstrike, DotA, Tiberium Wars, Call of Duty, Splintercell... guys for obvious reasons and girls,courtesy gamer boyfriends!!!

P.S.... there are lot more.. feel free to add... :)


  1. hhahaha .. nice list! :)
    n when did you hear Splinter Cell .. :O

  2. Last point... courtesy boyfriend!!

  3. Also, (this one is for the girls) if you have been locked out of the girl's hostel atleast once after 8p.m.

  4. Nice Article. I Subscribed the rss !!

  5. how true....also not an smitian if not hav given proxy for ur frn...atlest once...or copied (or tried 2)4m ur frnd atlest once in a quiz

  6. and if you wr not(atleast once) thrown out of d class cause u wr giggling in d class wid ur best frnd...

  7. Or at least once in ur 4 yrs.... u mst have been threatened (or have a respectful DISCO )for a DISCO on you.....

  8. Very nice work Apala...:)

    But u really missed out about the most famous, DISCO..... :)

  9. nt an smitian(boys)..if u hve nt invaded da road below girls hostl..on da nite India won da World Cup..

  10. When on two particular days you felt like you are in heaven, First day and the Last day!

  11. i misd one f d 0.5 bt never a zero...
    and ya u misd d most imp part f SMIT...
    "u noe evrything abt gettin high at 90% f guys mst hav once atleast in four years..[sum stay back longer 2 njoy ;)]