Wednesday, June 17, 2015


She planted a kiss on his forehead. Did he stir in his sleep? Maybe.

She got up and took a walk around the quiet house. Stopping by the photographs on the mantle-piece, she re-winded her life. Graduation. Meeting Jim. A spring wedding and a Hawaiian honeymoon. The twins. Their silver anniversary turning to golden. Her pale countenance flushed with contentment. 

She had triumphed in every step of life. She had been happy. Until she lost her battle with Death.

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  1. ooh. Ghosty! But he might have stirred in his sleep :) Their love was true, so he might feel her presence.

  2. Like it! :) A fan of ghost stories and this is a very sweet one. :)

  3. Like it. :) A fan of ghost stories and this is an especially sweet one.

  4. Sad, beautiful, love the good ghostly touch/kiss.....sigh.