The toughest job that can ever be,
Is to pen down 'About Me'.

Should I say I am good,
That's surely gonna lift your mood!

If I say, am a little devil,
You'll think I am evil :(

Am a blend of good and bad,
Does that make you happy, or sad?

Knowing me isn't that tough,
Though this space isn't enough!

This Blog is just a part of me,
If you read it, you can see.

My thoughts and views I try to spill
On these pages, through my quill.

Leave your views at the end
So that we can start being friends :) 


  1. Thats a wonderful description of u

  2. That's an interesting note you have dropped about self.

    You kindle the interest to know your blog and you :)

    Keep writing.

  3. That's an interesting note about self.

    You kindle the interest to read your blog and know you more.

    Keep writing.