Monday, May 27, 2013


He had a speedy acquaintance with success. Greens piled up in his accounts in a geometric progression. Some said he was competent, some said he cheated. 

Buying properties turned from investment strategies to a maddening passion. Houses in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois; Hotels in Indiana, New York, Vermont. He just loved being rich. His friends were few. Some said he was deserving, some said he cheated.


Now, there were creases on his forehead; a cloud of confusion - Atlantic or Virginia. He chewed his nails, puzzled. He always disliked such situations.  Sam was sitting opposite to him, growing impatient.

"Come on man, you always cheat in Monopoly", Sam screeched at him!


  1. :D Oh for the love of Monopoly. This is great stuff.

  2. Wow Apala!!! Once again words perfectly entwined to create an excitement and nail biting eagerness in the reader to know what comes next :-)

  3. I used to like monopoly :) ages since I played it though.

  4. Used to love monopoly! Now don't play it much.