Friday, July 23, 2010

A new life...

Again its time to leave home. Time to move from my familiar surroundings to a new one. Adjustments. Each morning when I'll wake up, I wont see the black clock on the wall facing me. Or the study table overflowing with books. I wont have Mom shouting at me for sleeping so late. In fact, I wont be able to sleep late!! (Oh god, how will I survive?!! )

Its not college. I dont have to rush for my classes. No need to be afraid of the teachers. Now its time to be screwed by my Boss!! No bunking classes, no texting friends during lectures. Oh god, I'm going to office!! Like Dad. I always wanted to go to office like him when I was a kid. It felt so nice then. The idea then was, Office is for grown-ups. And today, I am a grown-up.

Ahhh... just a week left. My first job. Hope it does me good. I have dreams. Big ones. I need to turn them into reality.


  1. Hey sis! dun worry, u will do great. You don't have to worry so much. U the best, just believe that.
    May all your dreams come true.

  2. Oh dont worry....dis is exactly lik d college lyf....where u will b ragged...u hav assignments..u have to submit them on tym....and if u dont..u will b sugarsliced wid corporate jargon...and u cant thnk of bunking..coz in d end..u get PAID for all this....but u will enjoy it..ALL D BEST...U R GONNA ROCK

  3. Amazing Theme. This is awesome!

  4. R u really grown up... Think again?