Saturday, August 7, 2010

Output of a SDLC lecture..

This Blog post is unlike the rest. I am writing it from Office. From my training centre to be precise...!! There is always a sense of alertness... my mind, eyes and ears are all open at the same time. Making sure I dont get caught :)

There is a certain level of excitement in this kind of activity! A feeling similar to what we felt while bunking class in school.. making sure we don't get caught. Or maybe the times when we sat through a lecture, playing "Bollywoods" or "Bingo" with our partner!! Or maybe those times when we placed a "Mills and Boon" between our textbook during exams, and kept a ear open for Mum's footsteps!!

Right now my instructor is busy creating a mind-map...!! I wish he had a the ability to look into my mind and map down how it feels to be at work on a Saturday :( But thanks to a digital classroom!

I guess its time to wrap up my write-up! The pressure and adrenaline rush is quite high! And I need to get back to the PPT thats being shown!

P.S : this was a very random post, so my apologies if you were bored...!


  1. This is why you should tweet. This was a classic post :-)

  2. So here was where your attention drifted to when someone was spending lacs to enlighten you!