Monday, July 5, 2010

Inky PINKY....!!

Recently I encountered a tragedy of sitting through a 3-hour long bogus movie, which at the end made me feel like pulling out all my hairs...aghhh!!! Anyway, the topic of my post is not the movie, but a fact which the movie stressed upon vividly... The fact that Girls go ga-ga over the colour PINK....!!

I started to wonder why on earth is the colour Pink related to girls. Its a common notion among the boys that Pink is a "girly colour"... so any boy in a pink shirt is highly ridiculed by his friends!!!  I Googled my query, and yes indeed this have been an extensive matter of study for scientist!! (Maybe they too were wondering like me!!) But if the results of the studies are carefully read, never has it proved that the fairer sex adores the colour Pink, but that they are biologically programmed to prefer the Redder shades of Blue.

Surprisingly, my wardrobe contains no Pink dress... not even a single one! I have no affinity for that particular colour. Neither do I have a Pink room with Pink bedspread, or Pink pillows and Pink curtains. My favourite colour is Black, followed by Blue.  When I go out shopping, I generally pick up dresses in shades of Black or Blue... each time annoying  Mum. Pink never appealed me ever. At a time when I had no sense of my own (the time a was a baby!) maybe my parents dressed me up in the conventional Pink, but never after I reached an age of voicing my opinion about my dresses!

An appeal to all the males out there... Pink is not all girls' favourite colour, we dont go Ga-ga when ever we see a pink thread.. we dont necessarily hug a Pink teddy when we are happy or when we are sad. We dont see Pink everywhere when we are in love..... Its only on the silver screen that Pink is so popular!!


  1. Hmm .. i too had a notion that gals like pink! But ... after this .. i will have to rethink ..
    nicely written btw! :)

  2. Ya.....m a gilrl and much to my annoyance my names "Pink"y and evrybody thinks i loveeee pink....i really dun like it at all......its alwys blue or brown n black fr me! :)