Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Diary - Page 1


Dear Diary,

I am a little happy and a little sad. I will tell you why I am happy and also why I am sad. 

Happy first,ok?
  1. I will turn six on Sunday. Mama says we shall have a party. I am happy.
  2. Buster licked my face today. He does that everyday. And I am happy.
  3. I got two As at school today. Mama kissed me for that. Yes yes, that made me happy.
  4. Irene invited me to her place on friday night for a pyajama party! Yippee! I am so so happy.
  5. I have finished all my homework for tomorrow and Mama said I can watch TV for a longer time today! Happy happy happy! 
Now sad, ok?
  1. Mama got me a packet of M&Ms. Orange is my favourite colour. And the packet had no orange M&Ms. Can you believe it? I am so sad.
  2. I pinched Liza because she pulled my hair. Mama said I am naughty. I cried. I am sad.
  3. I had two pink butterfly hair clips. Now one is gone. Mama doesn't know, but I am sad. 
Ok, only 3 sad and 5 happy things. So, I am more happy, less sad. I know 3>5 3 < 5, I learnt it at school. Now I will go and watch cartoon. I painted today afternoon, pasting it below for you, dear diary. 

Bye bye,