Monday, September 26, 2016

R.I.P, Dear Nexus

My phone has died. A death bad enough for it to be replaced. The replacement won't arrive until tomorrow. So, today was a day when I had no phone on me. No, not even an old backup unsmart phone. The thought was initially crippling. A whole day without my favourite gadget seemed quite a daunting and impossible task. 

Now with the day almost closing, let me account how the phoneless day went.

Problem 1 : Before hitting the bed last night, I wondered how I would wake up without the alarm buzzing off on my phone. 
Realization : After cell phones have arrived, bedside alarm clocks have taken a back seat. I still remember getting a pretty pink alarm clock as one of my birthday gifts when I was small.
Resolution : We all are equipped with something wonderful called the body clock. I was up today slightly earlier than my daily alarm goes off. 
Conclusion : We should try being a little less dependent on a mobile phone.

Problem 2 : I was not able to book an Uber/Ola while going to work.
Realization : Travel has become so much simpler after it has become a one-click affair. Even a year ago, I would not have booked a cab via an app, rather taken the traditional means of transport.
Resolution : I had to wait for autos, struggle convincing multiple drivers, before one kind soul decided to drop me to work for a reasonable sum of money.
Conclusion : Travel apps have indeed made our lives simpler in cities like Hyderabad where the public transport scenario is pretty sad.

Problem 3 - I was not able to make/take calls, send/receive messages and/or surf the net or read books or do Anything at all!
Realization - : Being connected to the world has become a part and parcel of life. To that extent, that we don't realise it until we are missing it. It's like suddenly missing a finger!
Resolution - This had no resolution. I took no calls today, read no texts today. Logged on to the internet only at the end of the day when I reached home.
Conclusion - Surprisingly, it was a happy day. No unnecessary home loan calls, or BOGO pizza sms! Also, I had one less thing to carry while going out for tea breaks at work.

We have become too dependant on this small piece of gadget. Sometimes, such days are a welcome break!


  1. Keep a novel handy :-P When mobile takes a break, you can read.

  2. You've been gifted a rare chance! :) Being without mobile is said to be helpful in the long run. Okay, unashamedly looking at the positive side.