Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things to do before I die


Recently I watched a Bollywood flick called Anjaana Anjaani where the movie opened with the dreamy-eyed hero and the charming heroine deciding to commit suicide together on a particular New Years Eve. With an odd twenty days in their pockets, they decide to "do things before they die". And this gave me the idea of creating my own wishlist of "Things to do before I die".

  1. Have my own house and decorate it the way I want. 
  2. Be the boss - retire early with lots of cash!
  3. Learn to play a musical instrument, maybe a guitar.
  4. Go on a month long vacation to Europe.
  5. Transform into an awesome cook.
  6. Learn to speak a new language fluently.
  7. Sleep under the stars.
  8. Travel to new places.
  9. Publish a book of fictions.
  10. Learn to fly kites.
  11. Speak in front of an audience without having shaky knees.
  12. Be successfully self employed.
  13. Get and maintain a perfect hairstyle.
  14. Solve a Rubik's cube; fast.
  15. Go to a fortune teller/palm reader/ crystal ball gazer - just for fun! (I do not believe in any of these)
I shall keep updating this list with new passions and desires. And strike off the ones I achieve in life! How about sharing the things you would like to do?


  1. Everyday I plan to come visit your blog and it hasn't been working out. My apologies, Apala. I love your list. Good luck with it! :)

  2. Lovely List...
    I want to backpack all the way through streets of Europe
    Go on a crazy adventure trip and stay and live local
    Get healthier and Run the Marathon in 204
    Make my own Food and Photography Blogs
    Take my family on a vacation
    Own a restaurant which makes people feel loved and cherished all the time
    Have a foundation that directs help from the ones who are in a position to give to one who can have a chance at life
    Be a better Human Being
    yeah thats all I remember for Now

    I loved your post and and I love that Movie too.. I was like Kiera in that Movie..a long time back... I am glad I was loved and taken care of..just like she was.. Hugs :)

  3. I liked your list!!
    It's also a good idea for the next post! ;)

  4. listen u do know you are almost sharing all the points with me. Why not we build a pact to do most of it together or at least keep a tab. This might turn out to be a motivation for us lazy bums. What say?


  5. ok when you come to Europe you are meeting me ok :) :)

  6. Lovely list! May they all come true for you soon :)

  7. Bucket lists are common in the blogosphere. 30 things to do by 30, 40 things to do by 40, things to do before I die. Quite a few of the items in your list are also on mine. Some, I've already done. I'm curious, by the way... why do you want to solve a Rubik's cube FAST? I'll be on the 7th heaven if I could solve it even in a year! :P