Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boyfriend, Why You No Hero?


Yes, the title says it all! Why can't boyfriends in real life be like the blue-eyed romantic heroes of the daily soaps? Or maybe right out of the pages of old English classics? If authors could come up with eternal couples like Romeo-Juliet and Scarlett O'Hara-Rhett Butler, history witnessed the evergreen love stories of Shahjahan-Mumtaz and Laila-Majnu, Ekta Kapoor could create Mihir-Tulsi and Anurag-Prerna, then why not men today be like Romeo or Shahjahan or even Mihir Virani?

One advantage of being with the same guy for a prolonged period is that you know him inside out. You know his reaction to every situation. Come, let's have a look -

Situation 1 : My dupatta flies across his face

Hero : Eyes closed, feel the soft fabric, inhale every scent of mine that lingers in that 3 yards of cloth and wishes that the moment never ends.
Boyfriend : Oho! this bloody dupatta is restricting my vision. Baby, careful with your clothes.

Situation 2 : We are out for a walk, suddenly the air turns chilly

Hero : He'll invariably have a jacket covering him, which is is transferred from him to me in a speed which is directly proportional the onset of chill in the air.
Boyfriend : (Won't have a jacket, just like me) Baby, I did remind you to carry your jacket before leaving the house, right? See, you shouldn't have argued!

Situation 3 : I turn to leave, trip, and fall

Hero : His instincts are abnormally sharp and fast, he catches me before I hit the ground. And there we are, in a waltzing pose, gazes locked for what seems an eternity.
Boyfriend : (With a how-on-earth-did-she-fall look on his face) Baby, what happened? Watch your steps. Come, give me your hand, let me pull you up. From next time, look where you step, and not at the sky!

Situation 4 : We are on a long drive

Hero : His eyeballs keep shuttling between the road and me. Never misses a chance to brush his hands against mine while changing gears. A sudden daring moment may come when he would lean across to plant a peck on my cheek.
Boyfriend : (Eyes fixed on the road) Baby, did you fasten the seat belt? Baby, just check who's calling me on my cellphone - tell him I'm driving.

Disclaimer - Though this in not a work entirely based on fiction, any resemblance to any of your boyfriends/husbands is purely co-incidental.

P.S - My boyfriend may not lend me a jacket when I am cold, or catch me moments before I fall or steal a kiss, speeding on a highway, but he is an adorable guy, just the way he is!


  1. Well, at least your boyfriend still calls you baby. Mine doesn't :|

    1. hahaha!! I just noticed I used baby in all the situations! but ya, in reality it isn't as common as in the post :P

  2. hahahahahah....laughed through out the post :D :D ... thank God for the disclaimer :P :P

  3. The reason why you feel long time boyfriends don't behave like movie or telly heroes is that you don't realize the fact that movies or soaps show the picture when the couple is just getting to know each other. If you could rewind your relationship, your boyfriend would not be your boyfriend if he did not do all the things listed above in the first place.
    Even soap heroes would become feisty once they come to know their girlfriends inside out.. :P

  4. Nice one... :) I had commented a bit before and lost it.

    Anyway, a nice read..wish it comes true for you...some time :)

  5. Very very cute and seems real too :P
    Between Mihir & Rhett Butler who'd you choose? ;)

  6. All I have experienced in this life. ALL its true they are often only pretending to show they are our heroes but actually are much less flamboyant. I am just happy they dont even take on the psycho hero tactics then :P :P


  7. That is one of those things - Girls would love boys to emulate heroes; Boys would love girls to emulate the heroines - but neither wants to BE the hero or the heroine :) Now, Apala, write it from the Boyfriend's POV, will you?

    Like, say,

    Heroine : "So what if you could not get a present for my B'day. Your presence is gift enough" (Mush I know but heroines are mushy in romantic movies :) )

    Girl-Friend: I have been telling you about my B'day for months and all you could get me is a measly rose? :)

  8. Hahaha. Loved this post... had a big smile all the while I was reading the boy friend part... so true. And as the boy friend graduates to husband... the word Baby will simply vanish! :D

  9. ur are totally filmy!!! very funny indeed! in movies, at night hero kisses heroine good reality, he says, did u check the lock? darwaza theek se band kiya na? :)