Friday, March 18, 2011


I had never thought goodbyes could hurt so much.

Its strange when I sit back and think of those people who have taken a lazy stroll on my life's pathway. Some came walking in a leisurely manner, some made a sensational entry, while others were there even without me realizing that they were there... But the common thing among all of them were, they came never to stay.

Some part ways to meet again, and some part ways never to meet again. The latter one hurts. Even if I never had a chance to converse with the person. The girl in a pony-tail who used to sit in the second last bench in class VI A... yes the one who left school in class VII... was never my friend. But our paths did cross. I don't know where she is now. But I know our paths will never cross again. Or maybe that chaiwala, who made the best lemon tea I have ever tasted, stepped out of my life the day we migrated to a different city. I know I will never go back to that city, to that tea stall. So, forever goodbye it was.

Promises always tags along with goodbyes. Promises of keeping in touch. So many text messages everyday... then once a day... gradually once a week, to once a month then once a year... maybe not even that. That's what we promised. Promised to get so busy with our life, that we, in a way, make sure that our paths don't cross.

Yes... I absolutely dislike goodbyes.


  1. COOL!!Loved it :)
    Don't be too lazy and continue writing :)

  2. after reading this read all, starting from July 2010...just one word for all of them...AWESOME!! Do keep writing yaar :)