Monday, January 3, 2011


They were sitting close. With her head on his shoulders. The only sounds that could be heard were the flowing of the river and the song of the birds. Everything seemed so perfect. They were so New in Love.

She : Do you drink?
He : Not much. At times.
She : And smoke?
He : No. I don't like smoking!

She : (smiles, cuddles up closer to him) I have never tried drinking or smoking. Would you mind if I try?
He : (sits up straight) Oh! No.... I'm never gonna allow you to touch alcohol. And never talk about smoking in front of me!!
She : (laughs) A day will come when you will pour me a glass of drink and light me a smoke!!
He : (draws her closer) : In your dreams, baby!!

5 years later.....

They were sitting close. With her head on his shoulders. There was music around them. And a group of friends. She was excited. And so was he! She was about to try out shots of Alcohol in today's party. She had not done that before. He placed some salt on her hand, handed her the lemon and the small glass of clear liquid. Their eyes met. Both smiled. Probably they both recollected the conversation they had 5 years ago. But that was PAST. They were "kids" then. She gulped down the liquid at one go. It felt good. He cheered. Came up to her and hugged her with one hand, a beer bottle in the other.

She smiled. She wondered how people change over the years.

P.S : All characters in this post are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely unintentional and coincidental.


  1. "All characters in this post are completely fictitious." Really?! :p

  2. the PS part actually proves the opposite. ;)
    anyway,good going. :P

  3. @Tito..... yes... absolutely... :)

  4. na, the PS part was necessary, 'coz lot of ppl might be familiar to such "changes"....... and they just might think they r the hero n heroine of my post!!! so, the PS part is for those who read and think that it has been written keeping them in mind... :D

  5. lol .. i know the hero and heroin of the post ... :)
    and again .. a really nice post! :)

  6. see, i told u the reason why the P.S was important...!!! ppl will start feeling they know whom am talkin about!!! :)

  7. Small memories of good times matters a lot in the entire life. Good one...

  8. Well, These stuff does happen. I don't know why you put that P.S up there, it just ruins it..!!!

  9. Hi santoreeves,

    I do know that this stuff is common, hence my reflection on that.
    And the P.S part is for a certain group of people whom I know who might relate the situation to themselves. Just a clarification that the post was not written with any particular person in mind.

    Thanks for sharing your thought!

  10. Nice post !! People miss these perspectives I guess. I wish (he) was near. Would have teased his ass all day!

  11. @DG.... P.S part was important for you :P