Friday, June 22, 2012

The Immortal Death

My friend Biswadeep gave me a challenge to write about
something morbid, yet not depressing. What can be a better 
choice than the life of a Phoenix, the one who rises from death.
DG, this post is for you...!

So delicate and frail was I, My youth had been lost,
Death was round the corner, My soul had been frost.

They call me the Sun's bird, For a five hundred year I live,
I die to live again, My death they never bereave.

Sun, my glorious sun, I sing my song for you,
I was always your bird, Since the world was new.

Weakness turns into strength, As old age into youth,
My red-and gold dazzles, Its time to face the truth.

I am born a thousand times, And a thousand deaths I die,
I rise from my ashes, I spread my wings and fly.

I am the bird of fire, Immortal as forever,
The world is my play ground, Death can touch me never.

I soar up in the sky, My heart devoid of sorrow,
With my new found zeal, I am the angel of tomorrow.

The phoenix is a mythical sacred fire bird, which has a vibrant plumage and a tail of gold-and-scarlet. It has a  500-1000 year life-cycle, after which it ignites itself, burns fiercely and reduces to ashes. A new young phoenix arises from the ashes, reborn anew to live again. 


  1. Thank god ash disclosed :P

  2. You got the riddle so well !! Phoenix, what a great thought. What was just an idea before, is now depicted so beautifully. Amazing..

    1. hey thanks so much! I am so glad you liked it...! I was unsure whether the choice of topic will do justice to the challenge! :)

  3. Mere topic,"The Immortal Death", was enough for me to drive me toward countless thoughts..

    1. thank you for visiting my page, Sumukh! thanks for liking the post :)

  4. The topic and the chosen content was really fab!! loved the way you have described the phoenix so beautifully :)